7 Reasons to Wear Cashmere Around This Time of the Year

Most of us think that winters are all about sweaters, heavy weighing jackets, bulky scarfs and thick socks and gloves. Well, no wonder one needs to layer up for colder months, but why not pick luxurious and comfortable cashmere instead of regular boring sweaters?

Besides, who doesn’t like cashmere? It is not just lavishly stylish, but even has its own list of benefits. Also, as far as quality is concerned, nothing can beat cashmere scarfs from Oats And Rice. However, if you are confused about buying some new cashmere during this time of the year, here are top 7 reasons of why cashmere will prove to be the best. 

Why wear cashmere around this time of the year?

  1. Works around the year

Cashmere is not just suitable for winters, but almost any time during the year. Cashmere shawls, scarfs, wraps, vests, and even short-sleeve sweaters are great for wearing at work as well as for outings. 

  1. Warm but not sweaty

Cashmere is such a perfect fabric which provides comforting warmth, but doesn’t get you all sweaty. The fabric owns natural insulating qualities, and is even breathable. All in all, if you want to stay dry and cozy, cashmere is the right pick for you. 

  1. Not heavy – not light

Cashmere clothing is not uncomfortably heavy like those bulky sweaters and jackets. In fact, they are an ideal layer which you can add to any dress. It is light and comfortable to wear indoors, and warm enough to wear outdoors when in cool breeze. 

  1. No itchiness

Unlike wool, which feels scratchy and itchy on skin, cashmere is silky and soft. The density of its fibers is such that it creates a smooth texture. 

  1. It’s all natural

If you are allergic or have sensitive skin, you won’t face any issues with cashmere apparels. While buying cashmere from reputed dealers, you can be rest assured that you aren’t putting anything which is created in a lab or is engineered chemically. Cashmere is absolutely natural and provides a very comforting feel. 

  1. Easy to maintain

One of the best parts about investing in high quality cashmere is you need not worry about its maintenance. Simply hand wash them in normal water (not hot) and lay flat on a sheet or towel to dry. Fold or hang it, and it will retain the original shape and look for years. 

  1. Always in trend

Last, but not the least. If you are investing in an expensive cashmere sweater or scarf, be rest assured, it will look stylish for years to come. Cashmere is timeless, and rarely gets out of style. 

To conclude it is safe to say that cashmere is something which you can enjoy around the year. It can be combined with almost any and every dress, and thus can give you a very appealing look. So, what are you waiting for? Checkout the latest collection of cashmere scarfs on oatsandrice.com today. Also, don’t forget they deliver worldwide for free.