6 Ways to Use Micellar Water in Your Skin Care Routine

Micellar water is a new phenomenon in the skincare world. It’s amazing because it can be used as both a cleanser and makeup remover! However, many people are not sure how to use it properly. Below are six ways that you should incorporate micellar water into your routine for glowing skin.

1. Makeup Remover

Wipe your makeup off with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water. It is gentle enough to remove most, if not all, of your makeup without having to scrub too hard and irritate delicate facial skin. Make sure that you lookout for a skincare product that contains no alcohol, as it can be quite drying on the skin.

2. Face Cleaner

Skipping your regular cleanser and opting to cleanse with micellar water instead is a great way to significantly reduce the ingredients in your skincare regimen, especially if you are someone who hates to wait for anything to dry before continuing on with their daily itinerary. You can remove it with a cotton pad or face cloth, but make sure that you do not press the skin too hard as this will only aggravate any existing acne.

3. Exfoliator

There are people who swear by using micellar water as an exfoliator because it gets rid of dead skin cells and unclogs pores without having to tug on the skin too hard. Using it in this manner certainly provides an interesting alternative to gritty, harsh scrubs that are commonly used in exfoliating routines. However, since micellar water is generally quite moisturizing, using it more than once a week might be overdoing it for some people and can cause breakouts instead of combating them.

4. Acne Treatment

One of the things that people love about micellar water is that it can be used to treat acne in a gentle manner, much like Cetaphil. It generally contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients, so if you are someone who cannot afford to spend half an hour on your skincare regimen every day, it is a pretty nifty product.

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5. Makeup Primer

There are those who swear by micellar water as a makeup primer because it is so gentle on the skin and helps keep your face hydrated throughout the day. It also keeps oil at bay without making the skin look too matte or too dry. Since it is water-based, it does not leave behind an unpleasant or tacky residue like silicone-based primers tend to.

6. Body Cleanser

A lot of people do not even think about using micellar water as a cleanser for their body because it is mostly associated with the face. However, depending on your personal preference and needs, you can definitely use it to cleanse anywhere that your skin gets dirty or greasy. It leaves behind no residue or fragrance, so it is great if you want to use it on the delicate skin around your eyes and lips as well.

The benefits of micellar water are numerous, and it’s time to incorporate this into your skincare routine. Micellar water can be incorporated in the following ways mentioned above. We’re not kidding when we say that there is no wrong way to use these products!