6 Quick Changes You Can Make to Look Dapper in a Suit

A suit is the most dignified and handsome outfit a man can wear, especially if it’s a bespoke ensemble. Having said that, some men may need help in learning to pay attention to the small details that can elevate their overall appearance and presence when dressed in a suit.

If you will be attending an important event in this formal attire, you need to know about the little things you can do to look your absolute best. 

Here are some of the top tips for looking absolutely dapper in a suit from the world’s top stylists and fashion experts. 

1. Get a fresh haircut.

You may be surprised at how effectively a good haircut can transform your overall look. When you have a great-looking men’s suit, Columbus, Ohio clothiers say the rest of your appearance should be equally sharp. This way, you will look like you are the one wearing the suit, and not the other way around.

A fresh haircut can improve the dimensions of your physique. At the same time, it can boost the sophistication of the entire ensemble.

2. Mix patterns.

Do not shy away from combining patterns and prints, especially for your jacket, your expertly tailored shirt, and your tie. This can make your suit more fashionable and it will allow you to stand out in a good way. 

However, be quite judicious in mixing patterns or prints. The main principles to uphold are to make sure that there is a common denominator among the pieces of your suit, and to pay attention to proportions. 

For instance, you can combine a black and white checked shirt, a small gingham print tie, and a polka dot pocket square. Don’t worry, It’s not going to look too crazy. On the contrary, your suit will look more exciting as a fashion ensemble because the pieces belong to the same color palette.

3. Nip the waist.

Even if you are lacking a sculpted torso, ask your tailor to make your suit jacket more slender down at the waist in the best way possible. It will make for a more refined silhouette. 

If you do have a fit body, why shouldn’t you play it up? Emphasize those big shoulders and show off how trim your waistline is. You will automatically look 10 lbs lighter and taller.

4. Pay attention to your collar and tie.

Take this cue from the amazing Tom Ford: The spread of your collar and the size of your tie can accentuate the size and shape of your head. So, take the time to examine how dress shirts and ties make your head look. 

Here is the rule to follow: The rounder and wider your head, the closer and narrower your collar and tie should be. If you have a nice, long-ish face, you can balance that out by opting for a wider collar and tie.

5. Define your jawline.

A fresh haircut and a defined jawline make a handsome pair. If you sport a beard, make sure that it’s shaped in a way that shows off your natural jawline. Alternatively, just shave everything off for people to see your full face. 

Letting your jawline stand out can create the illusion of a longer neck. So, before that important event, clean up that facial hair to shape your face more nicely.

6. Consider your complexion when choosing your suit color.

Visit a trusted skin specialist and work on your complexion before the event. You will be amazed at how much more handsome you will look with healthy-looking skin. 

Also, this can help you choose the perfect suit color to wear. For example, if you are tanned, you will look quite dapper in various shades of brown that can really complement your skin. 

This will also allow you to incorporate other splashes of color so you do not look monochromatic-boring. White with brown, for instance, is super stylish for tanned men with chocolate brown hair.

There you go — these are the little or subtle changes you can make to look absolutely striking in a suit. With these changes, you will definitely look your best whatever the occasion may be.




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