6 Mind-Blowing Fashion Tips You Need to Know from Pros!

Dressing up is an art that can be a bit tough, mainly because there are many choices. If you want to stay in style and yet not go overboard with your fashion choices, Maninder Singh is here to help you out. Maninder Singh gives out the best fashion advice for men, following which, you can slay your fashion game with every single outfit. 

If you want to amp up your fashion game, seek fashion tips from Maninder Singh. If you wish to have all eyes on you, no matter where you go, imbibe Maninder Singh’s fashion advice while styling each outfit of yours. 

  1. Dress up while dressing down: Since summer is just around the corner, it can get sweaty to dress up in business casuals. Maninder Singh suggests wearing dark khaki shorts or pants, depending on the occasion, paired with a full-sleeved printed button-up shirt. You can even roll up the sleeves upto your elbows to tweak your style.
  2. Invest in Birkenstocks: Birkenstocks are a hot trend for summer. Invest in a pair of Birkenstocks if you aren’t a fan of sandals or flip flops. The kind of comfort they give, especially the fact that you just have to slip your feet in makes it an excellent choice for lazy days, running errands or even for a day out at the beach.
  3. Have a dressy go-to sneaker: As per Maninder Singh’s style, sneakers are a wardrobe essential for men. You can either choose an all-white, mesh grey or black and white combo that blends with all clothing options. Stay away from pop coloured sneakers unless you want your feet to get all the attention. The neon trend doesn’t apply to sneakers, so it’s wise to stick to the basics like neutral colours.
  4. Sport a trusty white short-sleeved button-up shirt: A crisp white button-up short-sleeved shirt is a perfect item suitable for almost every occasion. If you’ve scored a date with your crush, pair up your trusty white shirt with chinos or pair them with khaki pants for a family get-together. You can style them with your neutral coloured sneakers or even Birkenstocks. Add on a classic watch and accessorise with sunglasses, and you’re all set to rock any event.
  5. Go bold with eccentric patterns: At times, it’s fun to break free from the mundane, especially in fashion. Opt for funky prints in T-shirts, polos or shorts. Quirky prints such as pineapple, pizzas or even animals are a significant rage these days. Don’t be shy to pull off these funky designs; it’s just another way of showing your “fun” side. Since these funky prints will bring pop or colour, it’s best to pair them with neutral-hued bottoms such as shorts, khakis or trousers. If you’re confused, just stick to your basic denim.
  6. Choose slim over baggy: Maninder Singh highly advises choosing slim-fit clothes over baggy ones. Stay in trend by choosing clothes that fit your build and don’t hang. Make sure your shorts are slightly above knee-length and your shirts have enough room to breathe.

With these styling tips from Maninder Singh, you can ace your fashion game