5 Types Of Necklace Styles That Every Woman Loves

Necklaces are a great accessory to amplify your outfit. They can transform any boring outfit into a beautiful ensemble. The added pop of colour from these necklaces also helps upgrade your style and reflect your personality more attractively. 

Today, there are millions of eye-catching necklace to go with all your outfits. From heavy jewellery to thin necklaces, customers are spoilt with a versatile necklace style to ace their look. But there are five unique necklaces that everyone is bound to love. Let’s talk about them! 

Rani Haar 

Rani Haar has been a popular necklace style for the longest time. Slowly, due to its beautiful appearance and royal look, this haar has become a mass favourite among most contemporary Indian women. It contains single or multi-stringed necklace threads that offer a regal look to the wearer. You can pair them up with a beautiful Indian outfit to stand out. For most women who love wearing this haar, a similar choker would work like magic to complete the look. Heavy earrings to team them is just heaven on earth. But you have to make sure you store them properly so that they do not lose their colour. Overall, they are the perfect accessories for Indian women who love fashion. 


Chokers have always been at the top of the list. These are beautiful, fitting necklaces that are snuggly around the neck and provide instant beautification. They can amplify any outfit in such a way that people are bound to stop & stare. They have also surprisingly made an impact on the red carpet for the longest time. In recent times, they are pretty popular and come in street style as well. Generally, these are single-stranded and are just 14 to 15 inches in length. Make sure you buy yourself the prettiest choker before the trend falls off. 


Pendants are every minimalistic lover’s favourite accessory. These are essential necklaces that are left to hang freely on a woman’s neck. They are available in various beautiful designs and are usually worn at the centre. People also buy personalized necklaces to wear daily. Whether you are wearing a simple top and jeans or looking to wear an eastern outfit, pendants do the trick like no other. The hanging material used in the pendant could also be a gemstone. It certainly depends on the preference of the wearer. 


If you love Indian fashion, culture, and innovative style, you are bound to fall in love with this necklace. They are long jewellery that is generally created using pearls. Single or multi-rowed pearls complete the look like no other. They also usually come with a removable pendant. The ends contain tassels and best match with earrings and Indian outfits to complete the look. 


Whether you are wearing a foreign outfit or an Indian, Opera necklaces can complete the look without a compromise. These necklaces provide a dramatizing effect to your neck and help you accessorize without any inconvenience. The multiple strands of its long length are perfect for casual outings to parties. So, why keep waiting? 

The Bottom Line 

These five types of necklaces are beautiful, unique, and stylish in their way. If you wish to buy one right away, do not hesitate.