5 things to stop believing about eyelash extensions

There are several myths which come with the application of eyelash extensions. Each of them has been listed below and is not to be believed without reason.

1. Eyelashes will fall out after first application

The natural eyelashes fall out following a growth cycle of 4-6 weeks. It’s just like the hair on our head, and the extensions are not the reason for them falling out. It’s a natural process and will occur with or without the extensions. It just becomes more distinct from observing the fall of the natural eyelashes when they’re glued on with the synthetic fibres.

2. Natural eyelashes will appear shorter or thinner after removing the extensions

After the application of the synthetic lashes, the eyelashes appear curvier and fuller hence, after their removal, the lashes appear smaller. It’s nothing but an illusion since one gets into the habit of looking at a fuller bunch.

3. Eyelash extensions application is a hurtful process

Nothing about the process is painful except the duration that it takes, which is tedious and requires a steady hand and a great deal of patience. Using a pair of tweezers close to your eyes is the only anxious bit of the entire process.

4. The eyelashes won’t grow back again

An important fact is that the extensions are attached to the natural lashes. Hence, if no natural lashes are growing back, there won’t be any lashes to put the extensions on. The natural lashes follow the natural growth cycle and will certainly grow back.

5. The application of extensions should stop

Another myth that needs to be busted is that it’s imperative to give it a rest. The natural lashes are going to grow regardless of the synthetic ones, but one should ensure that the extensions don’t inhibit the growth cycle by being applied to premature lashes. Further, application of too thick of a bunch can also interrupt the natural growth pattern. Hence, optimum use is essential.

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