5 Reasons Why It’s OK To Splurge Sometimes

If self-love means sometimes splurging on stuff that makes you smile, then most of us are guilty as charged! Other than being a shopaholic, saving money and maintaining a pleasant credit score is important. But how can an “I want this, I want that” kind of person hold back their passion? Frankly speaking, if shopping makes you happy, do it! Luckily, there are times when it is OK to splurge. By splurging the right way, you can find yourself with the items you long for without breaking the bank.

At the end of the day, all of us are hard workers, and we deserve a rewarding splurge ceremony! Everybody deserves to splurge, especially when you have planned on buying for a long time, as this allows us to synthesize our budget and plan accordingly. With that budgeting frame of mind, we’ll be able to buy the things we want while preventing unwanted hits on our regularly available monthly funds.

We wish we could say something like, “Go nuts; buy everything – you deserve it, girl!” because you do deserve it! However, the bigger question is: can you afford it? The tips in this post give you full consent to splurge, as long as you don’t go overboard with it.

So let’s help you seize the day!

  1. When investing in your potential

A life where you don’t take risks is boring. Therefore, there are times where you will need to take a leap of faith – investing in yourself.

  • Maybe it is paying for your training education.
  • Perhaps it’s for attending a conference or hiring a coach.
  • Or maybe it’s for starting a business.

Here’s an example: what if you’re the football coach and are supposed to buy the jerseys for the team. You can’t back out of that, can you? In such a situation, you put your money-ego aside and go for it! And since we’re talking about sports teams, if you ever come across a situation just like this, then custom jerseys authentic is the perfect place to have your team’s trademark shirts made. That’s a hole in one.

The reality is that investing in your potential is always a worthwhile bender. It lights a never-ending fire in your heart and motivates you for the better!

  • When it is something unforgettable

Have you ever tried purchasing something that will remain in your heart forever, like a beautiful vacation with your friends? But you can’t gobble the courage to pull the trigger and end up making a purchase anyway?

Here is a first-class example of a time you must give yourself some allowance to splurge. Just think, it is a memory vs. stack of dollar bills situation. There’s a 90% chance your purchase will result in unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

  • When it’s shopping on a Black Friday

Yes, we had to say it!

Before you go ahead and call us crazy, hear us out. Think about those epiphany-filled weekdays throughout the year when you were tempted to go out on a shopping spree. According to a “spending decisions” research, if someone holds off shopping until a particular day, such as Black Friday, they are likely to spend well. After a splurge on one of such days, people usually go back to their everyday routines. It feels like a cheat day, and when you’re done, you’ll get right back to what you know best – holding yourself for the better days.

  • When you know you’ll be using the item a lot

Vehicles are an ideal example of a splurge you will consistently use. If you spend a butt-load of time in your car each day while commuting and feel the urge to buy something a little nicer, what’s stopping you? Think it through!

According to Forbes, try to think about how you will use whatever you are splurging on and how long you will have it in crisp-condition. Then, break your facts down. You might realize that the EarPods you’ve been dying to have will cost you only $0.50 for each use since you will be using them very often. Pretty cheap, right?

  • When you need furniture and appliances

Here is a case where top-of-the-line is unnecessary, but drooling on quality can make a difference between a five-year investment and a 30-year investment.

Before you snip on to anything, look at consumer reviews online and gather the peace of mind that what you are buying is worth it. Doing your research and splurging on quality, reliable household furniture and appliances will prevent you from wasting money on a lemon.

Conclusion: you deserve more!

Now, tell us, did that break your bank, or did it shatter your walls?

Restricting yourself isn’t always a good idea. Set yourself free and splurge it out. There will always be a happy ending! Pinch those pennies anywhere you can so you can splurge on this later. You can even put aside some money in a piggy bank and treat yourself whenever the need arises.

Just do us a favor; never stop yourself from feeling good, and if shopping makes you feel happy, you know what to do!