5 Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

Skin changes are one of the many things you will experience as you grow older. While you may be using anti-aging products to take care of the wrinkles and uneven tone, you will need a few makeup tips.

Contrary to what people think, older women can also wear makeup. However, their makeup has to be adjusted to suit their new skin changes. As a woman above 40, below are 5 makeup tips you will find useful.

Apply a Moisturizer Before Makeup

The first step to applying flawless makeup is ensuring that your skin is in perfect condition. However, only skin that is properly hydrated can be radiant and glowing. As you grow older, the ability of your skin to retain moisture becomes lost. That is why you must use a moisturizer on your face before applying any makeup product. Besides making your skin radiant, it will help the makeup products to settle smoothly on your face.

Use a Foundation And Concealer

As your age increases, the maturer your skin becomes. Using a foundation and concealer with the same shade as your skin tone will give your face a faded look. Therefore, it is advised that you use a foundation and concealer a shade darker. In addition, you have to use a makeup brush or sponge to apply the foundation and concealer. This is to ensure there is no visible difference between your face and the makeup.

Buy Cream Based Make-up Products

Your skin loses its glow as you grow older. That is why you need makeup products like highlighters and blush to return the glow to your skin. However, you must know that buying the wrong makeup products can further damage the skin you are trying to repair. Because most powder makeup products are not suitable for mature skin, you are advised to buy cream-based ones.

Get a Good Blush

A good blush is what you need to make your makeup look radiant. If you are light or dark-skinned, go for a peach or red-colored blush, respectively. Because powder makeup products are not suitable for women above the age of 40, you are advised to get a cream blush. Mango butter and avocado oil are the two active ingredients in a cream blush. When you apply cream blush on your skin, it will smooth the fine lines and leave it soft and moisturized.

Always Line your Lips

The edges around your lips will soften as you age. This means outlining your lips before applying your lipstick is a must. To make your lips look plumper, you can outline them a bit large with a hydrated lip liner. A hydrated lip liner is more suitable because it will moisturize your lips, in addition to defining and making it look plumper.


Taking note of the tips discussed in this article will make your aging skin look flawless even while wearing makeup. You can also experiment with makeup products for mature skin to find what works for you. Finally, makeup for mature skin is made from natural minerals that nourishes the skin.