5 Essentials for Minimalist Work Fashion

Embracing minimalist style, at least on the weekdays, is going to save you so much time, money and hassle. Minimalist fashion is all about celebrating the beautiful simplicity of well made, luxury basics and staples. This movement surpasses all trends, throw away fashion and mass consumption – it’s ethical, stylish, comfortable and easy, so why aren’t more of us adopting it for our work wardrobes? The last thing you need on a weary morning before you hit the office is a fuss about having nothing to wear. Minimalism solves that too, with clean and elegant pieces that all work beautifully together, you’re never going to get stuck on an outfit again. So, if you want to nail the minimalist office wardrobe, there are five essentials you need to get your hands on. These are…

Black, Straight Leg Chinos

Whatever your age, size, height, gender or background, you absolutely need to have a pair of straight leg black chinos in your wardrobe – it’s just a fact! These are such an integral essential to both minimalist and great style, so if you don’t have these already then run out and buy them ASAP. Look for a thick twill for winter months or loose weave cotton for summertime, mid-rise will be perfect for all outfits but if you want a more flattering fit then opt for high-waist.

White Crew Neck Tee Shirt

Another universal staple! A high quality, thick cotton, crew neck tee shirt in a clean, bright white is going to carry you through pretty much every occasion. Look for a slightly loose fit for a chic, oversized style that’s going to layer perfectly under blazers, coats and slip dresses whilst also easily tucking into your jeans and chinos.

White Oversized Button-Up

Whose wardrobe is complete without a white button-up? Again, no one’s is the answer – notice the common theme here, people! A button-up in a linen, cotton or Pima stretch cotton is an absolute staple that your workwear is probably just screaming for if you don’t already have one! Wear with suits, chinos, jeans, skirts, shorts – you can even rock this guy over your swimmers when you head to the beach! The simpler the cut and higher the quality the better here, so get ready to invest. This will last you forever and the styling potential really is unlimited, so it’s worth it, promise!

Black Blazer

A sharply tailored black blazer is going to make literally any outfit look impeccable in a matter of seconds, and it’s great for all kinds of weather – as long as you’re investing in high-quality materials. Look for linen and cotton blends if you tend to get hot or wool if you need something that’s going to protect you from the chill. Is there a middle ground, you ask? Why, a wool and cotton blend, of course! Get friendly with a tailor here to make sure everything is fitting you just so, this really makes all the difference and will create the most expensive-looking and feeling piece.

The Perfect Work Bag

Ah, the work bag, the ever-illusive and hard to find essential that we all need and somehow can never quite attain. To get your work bag purchase right this time, look for a streamlined, minimalist model that’s designed to make your life easier. Features such as dividers, pockets, a sturdy closure system and water-resistant fabrics are all going to be winners. For ultimate minimalist style, make sure you purchase your bag in a deep black, refined charcoal, inky navy or soft cream.

Follow these tips and you’ll have yourself the perfect foundations for the minimalist work wardrobe of your dreams!