5 Classy Outfits for Women That Go Great With Diamonds

It’s Friday night and you’re ready to hit the town. Your makeup is flawless, your diamond jewelry is stunning, yet something’s missing.

Your outfit is all wrong!

Although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they also need the right attire to make a true fashion statement. The right outfit will complement your jewelry, flatter your features, and accentuate your beauty.

Read about these 5 classy outfits for women to up your fashion game today.

  1. Business and Networking Events

Business and networking events are the prime setting to dress for success. A stylish, properly-fitted pants suit can do just that! A high-waisted pair of pants will elongate your legs and emphasize your height. In contrast, pants with straight or flared hems will compliment your blazer and flatter your shoes.

Match your pants suit with classic diamond studded earrings for a simple, sophisticated look. When in doubt of what color to choose, white diamonds will always do the trick.

  1. Date Nights to Remember

A date night is a perfect occasion to try various types of outfits and accessories. To strike a balance of classy and casual, pair a beautiful blouse with a pair of dark skinny jeans. High-heeled booties or pumps will dress-up the look for any date, whether you’re headed to the movies or to an upscale restaurant.

Consider adding a sterling silver diamond necklace to make your outfit pop! We recommend a princess-style necklace, which ends at your collarbone and flatters any face shape.

  1. Formal Celebrations

The famously beloved, little black dress, is a signature piece that stands the test of time. From cocktail parties to weddings, a black dress is guaranteed to “wow” the crowd if paired with the right diamond accessories. Online jewelers like https://www.dreamlandjewelry.com/collections/diamond-jewelry offer breathtaking styles to complete your look.

We recommend wearing a matching diamond earring and necklace set to tie your look together. A choker-style necklace, in particular, will soften the angles of your face, while the earrings draw attention to your eyes.

  1. The Perfect Getaway

You’ve packed your suitcase and you’re ready for an adventure. Depending on the destination, there are numerous outfits for women that you can try! If you’re headed to an island, a floral summer dress will give you a light, breezy, tropical-feel.

Add an extra sheen to your look by wearing a diamond bracelet or anklet. Anklets are a gorgeous accessory to accentuate your legs and your beachwear.

  1. Holiday Festivities

Holiday parties are wonderful for showing off your classy appearance while celebrating. Consider wearing a festive-colored dress with sewn-on sequins or beads for extra glimmer.

Upgrade your look with either a sterling silver or gold plated diamond ring. Whether you’re the host or the guest, you’ll be destined to turn heads.

Stunning Outfits for Women

Based on the occasion, there are countless outfits for women that pair with diamonds. From business events, formal parties, and tropical vacations, there’s no limit to the different looks that you can try.

Always remember to wear each outfit with confidence and most importantly, have fun. If you’ve tried any of these looks or have additional ideas, please comment below. We can’t wait to hear from you!