5 best evergreen fashionable pieces for women

Keeping up fashion trends can be difficult sometimes. The easiest way to achieve that is to have some foundation pieces that are timeless and look relevant always. Once you have your foundation wardrobe set, you can buy some seasonal trendy clothes to complete your looks. While the idea of having a foundation wardrobe sounds simple, it may sometimes be tricky to decide which pieces are timeless and what you should buy. Investing in timeless fashion pieces means you should get good quality clothes that last longer. So, you need to find pieces that are both evergreen and good quality for your foundation set. You must buy such clothes from trusted brands and stores like Swish Fashion to be assured of quality. Being confident about the quality can save you money in the long term. Whether your style is classy or on-trend, whether you dress up or dress down, owning the following timeless piece will make your dress choice easy and always relevant


  • Black pumps


You may like to wear loafers, flip flops, and sneakers at times, but black pumps will give you the maximum returns on the bucks you have spent. These look great with all kinds of dresses and on all occasions. From formal office wear jeans for a casual night out with friends, black pumps would be perfect with all combinations. The idea is to choose a pair that lasts forever which is why buying matte leather instead of suede and patent. Look for almond-shaped toes as they look fashionable always.


  • Trench coat


The trench coat has been in-trend since the late 1800s. One of the reasons for its prolonged domination is that it is functional as well as flattering. Its waist-defining properties make it suitable for all body types. It looks super classy whether you wear it with a dress or pants. The most ideal time to go for a trench coat is the drizzly day of fall or spring. You can look for some details like a tie at the waist, medium lapels, and double-breasted bodice. Stick to neutral hues and lined cotton material. 


  • Pencil skirt


If you are looking for something that is both classy and flattering, a pencil skirt is just what you should buy. It is universally trendy and is suitable for a wide range of events and occasions. Also, it looks great on almost everyone. You can look for a higher rise or knee-skimming length and pair it with a nice blouse, jacket, or sweater.


  • Button up shirt


Nothing can look as classy as a button-up shirt whether you pair it with jeans or a skirt. A button-up shirt needs to be of a perfect fit with gaps between the buttonholes to avoid it looking sloppy. You can go for different colors and patterns to add more personality and versatility.


  • Blazer


A blazer is a must-have for every woman. It is formal and ideal for office and also classic to be adorned otherwise. While going out with friends you can wear it with jeans and heels or use it to lower the tone of your cocktail dress. It is important to be careful about the fit and length of the blazer. A long blazer may shorten your legs and a short blazer may not be flattering.