5 Advantages of Having Short Hair

Long hair and thick hair is something that everyone enjoys keeping and looks amazing on women. But on the other hand, they are difficult for you to handle too! One has to wash their long hair every other day to maintain its quality. But short hair requires no such complications. When you feel like having long hair, then you can go for weave hair extensions which are easy to use. Below listed are some advantages of having short hair:


  • Change:


First of all, short hair will provide you a kind of change since you have not gone for a haircut for a long time. Going for a haircut, that too getting your hair short will give you a new experience. You will get a completely new look with a different and all new hairstyle. Hence, getting your haircut to a shorter length will provide you a chance that you will love for sure! 


  • Comfortable:


Long hair looks beautiful but draws a lot of your attention on the other side. Short hair, on the other hand, is not that difficult to handle and hence is comfortable. Short hair can be kept as it is while you are working but you need to make a bun of your long hair which can put pressure on your hair and weaken your hair scalp. Moreover, if you live in an area with hot weather conditions, shorter hair will make you feel more comfortable and cool during those harsh days. Thus, short hair adds comfort to your life!


  • Younger Look:


Most people believe that having short hair makes you feel younger. Thus, if you feel that you look older, then you should get your haircut short. Since there will be fewer hair on your face, your face will appear larger and cleaner and hence you will look younger. Therefore having short hair has a number of advantages including providing you a younger look. 


  • Grow Faster:


Since your hair will be shorter, it will have fewer chances of breaking. When they break less, it will have a faster growth rate and you will again get long hair. For some days after getting your haircut, you will not like your hair but everything will go alright after a week. They will grow a bit and everyone including you will get comfortable with it. Also, it is believed that shorter hair grows faster than long hair. Thus, even if you do not like your short hair, you may get long hair again within a couple of days. 


  • Dries Quickly:


This may sound silly but matters a lot! If you have a longer length of your hair, then it might take time to dry properly and make you late for your office. But in case of short hair, your hair will dry faster. This is because since it does not have much volume, water can not remain in their head for a long time. Also, it is easier to wash them.