4 Ways To Customise A Baby Gift Hamper Set From Singapore

For many Singaporeans, babies are the best gifts they could ever receive in a lifetime. These little bundles of joy bring them days of happiness and contentment—which is something that no one can get from material possessions. The idea of bringing life into the world also gives families bliss, specifically if their child grows up to be one of the most productive members of society. But are baby gift hamper sets the ideal presents for couples welcoming their young ones?

A baby hamper in Singapore is a gift set containing various items newborns could use as they grow older. These packages may include clothing pieces, toys, books, teethers, bottles, and other supplies they could use during their early years. Some sets even include items that mums could find beneficial. Along with supplies for their babies, these gift sets may have slippers, eye masks, a pamper kit, or a box of supplements that would help them rest and recover from the stress and challenge of being a mother. But with the number of present options available around you, why should you pick a baby gift set?


A baby gift set from Singapore is arguably the best present you could give to an expecting mum or someone who recently gave birth to their little one. Many find these hampers beneficial since they often contain items a mum needs to keep them happy and healthy during their first few years. They are also cost-efficient options for gift-givers like you since you will get various items at a low price of one. Additionally, a baby gift hamper is not troublesome to find since numerous brands now offer them in their physical and virtual shops. You can even find a store providing its customers with baby hamper sets available for delivery to different areas in Singapore.

But did you know that you can customise a baby gift hamper to make your present exceptional and memorable?


How To Customise A Baby Gift Set

Gift customisation services have been around for decades. Countless residents have given personalised items to their loved ones to show how much they value their relationship. They also make presents tailored to a person to strengthen their bond and let them know they are thinking about them. Believe it or not, you can do the same with a customised baby gift hamper.

While you can create or build a baby gift set at home by yourself, you should choose to buy one instead since they are more economical, practical, and convenient but just as personal as a present you would make through do-it-yourself methods. To help you personalise a baby hamper, here are a few tips to follow:

1. Determine The Number Of Inclusions

One of the many perks of getting a baby gift set in Singapore is your freedom to add as many items as you want inside your chosen packaging. But just because you can add endless inclusions to your present does not mean you should—especially if you are on a budget.

When getting a baby hamper, ask yourself how many items you want your present to have before or during your gift shopping spree. You may refer to your preferred packaging size, your budget, or the number of things you think would represent your love for the recipient or the new mum in your family or friend group and her newborn.

2. Pick A Packaging

Some people think that packaging does not matter when getting gifts. But who wants to receive something wrapped in a plastic bag or a used and beat-up cardboard box? The packaging of your baby gift hamper should be part of the present. You could opt for single-use wrappers, but you should consider getting reusable containers to hold your little gifts.

A baby gift set can come in various packaging types, sizes, and styles. You can put your little presents in boxes, hampers, baskets, or large tin cans. You can also reuse containers you have at home and turn them into one-of-a-kind gift packaging.

3. Get Personalisation Services

Thanks to modern technology, you can now customise virtually any item—including a baby hamper from a Singapore store. You could colour-coordinate your gifts, get them embroidered, engrave the baby’s name onto the toy, and draw and print a pattern for the newborn clothes you plan to give the recipient. You can even personalise a book and have someone illustrate the baby’s family and turn their real-life story into a fairytale.

Getting personalisation services for your baby gift set is not as challenging as you think. You can visit print shops in your town and ask them to make shirts or rompers in your desired colour or pattern. You can also personalise your present using your skilled hands by painting or embroidering something you plan to give. You can also turn to shops offering customisation services to save time, effort, and money.

4. Select Your Gifts

After finalising the number of your present’s inclusions, picking a packaging, and choosing between embroidered, printed, or engraved gifts, you can customise your baby hamper further by handpicking the items you want to include in the box, basket, or tin can. You may feel overwhelmed with the number of options available, but always keep the recipient in mind to pick the appropriate inclusions.

You can include items in your baby gift hamper, such as teethers, toys, books, bibs, onesies, swaddles, blankets, and towels. You can even ask the shop to include a note in your present to show how happy you are for welcoming the latest addition to your growing family.

Customise A Baby Gift Set Today!

Personalising a baby gift hamper is one of the best ways to show your love for the recipients. Every time they see the little details that make your gift extra special, their minds will immediately go to you and your efforts to give them a lifelong treasure.

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