4 Types of Jewellery You Need in Your Collection

Jewellery has been used for centuries across different cultures to complete a finished outfit and pull the final look together. Whether you want to buy jewellery for somebody as a gift, are asking for it as a gift for yourself or want to buy a piece for somebody else, having the right types of jewellery available at home can make it easy to complete all your fashion looks whether you are dressing up for something formal or going with a casual and chic vibe. Fashion experts recommend building your jewellery collection with a range of pieces that work well together, with a few standout items. And, of course, reflecting your personal style and preferences is important too. Some jewellery items that every woman should own include:

Everyday Earrings

Earrings are often considered one of the most important pieces of jewellery to own, and you will find lots of options on offer from a jewellers Hertfordshire. Make sure that you have some simple and versatile earrings such as studs or small hoops that you can wear all the time and use to easily elevate your look no matter what. Simple and classic earrings can be worn with almost anything and finish off your outfit easily no matter the look you are going for. 

 Pendant Necklace

This classic, timeless jewellery piece is never going to go out of fashion. Pendant necklaces are highly versatile; you can easily wear them on their own, or pair them with other necklaces for a layered look. A delicate, timeless pendant necklace that is quite simple in design will easily work well with any outfit that you choose to wear and will look fab throughout the day whether you’re dressed in smart clothes for work, in a casual outfit to meet friends, or in an elegant dress for a big event. 


Just like other pieces of jewellery, rings can mean something special, or they can simply be a piece of jewellery that you enjoy wearing to elevate your look. Some people like to stick with only wearing their engagement ring or wedding band set to draw more attention to these special rings, while others like to have hands full of rings. There are lots of options to choose from, whether you like plain and simple, flashy statement pieces or versatile stacking rings that you can use to create different looks. 


If you like to wear jewellery that not only looks good but is also functional, then pay attention to watches. While they might be an accessory that plays a key function in helping you tell the time, many are styled in a way that makes them look like jewellery with stunning wristbands and embellishments around the watch face that you can use to make any outfit look even better. Even if you like to wear a smartwatch rather than a traditional watch, you can find elegant, jewellery watch straps to wear with it. 

Whether you are building your own jewellery collection or looking for the perfect gift for somebody else, you can’t go wrong with one of these classic pieces.