4 Facts Every Rolex Own Will Appreciate

Whether you own a brand-new model or have a pre-owned Rolex, you likely know that you are in possession of one of the world’s greatest timepieces. However, beyond its mystique and exclusivity, there are a few lesser known reasons to appreciate being a Rolex owner.

1. Rolex Boasts Its Own Laboratories

Rolex performs all its work in-house, so they have quite a few labs that ease the process and ensure quality. The chemistry lab is primarily utilized to research and develop the lubricants and oils they use during manufacturing and machining processes.

Another interesting lab is the robot-filled stress test room, where every watch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure longevity.

2. Countless Geologist are Employed at Rolex

Known for authentic diamonds and stringent standards concerning their suppliers, Rolex has an army of geologists who inspect all their precious stones and metals for authenticity and quality. Not one to cut corners, every single stone and metal is closely evaluated multiple times.

3. Rolex Makes Their Own Gold In-House

Rolex buys 24-karat gold and makes their own 18-karat and 14-karat gold in addition to their signature rose gold. They also make their steel and platinum in-house, making them the only watch maker to have an actual foundry onsite.

4. One Year of Craftsmanship Goes Into Every Timepiece

Just as the company advertised long ago, it still takes a full year to make one single Rolex watch from start to the completion of the testing and inspection processes. Rolex somehow manages to make a million timepieces annually, but they do have all the right equipment in their state-of-the-art facilities to make ‘magic’ happen.