3 Types of Fashion Styles You Should Try

Do you like to express yourself with clothing? Experimenting with fashion is a fun way to show off your personal aesthetic and unique style. As the weather gets hotter and summer rolls in, so do the new clothing trends.

While trying different types of fashion styles can be exciting, it can also feel intimidating for many. Have no fear. This article can help. 

For a basic guide on some of the top fashion styles that you should try this year, read on. 

1. Grunge

Think back on your favorite rock singer from the ’90s. Got one yet? Their style is likely a top example of grunge fashion. 

If you like a more casual, laid-back, comfortable look, a grunge alternative style may be the perfect choice for you. This edgy, rockstar look is also one of the top trends in 2021. With baggy, rugged clothing, leather and metal accessories, and a confident attitude, this style can be yours to own.

For a classic grunge look, consider sporting baggy denim jeans with a long, dark flannel. You might also consider adding a more form-fitting top underneath to add structure to the look. Accessories with silver chains, bold jewelry, and leather booths or sneakers and you’re ready to go.

While this style pays homage to the iconic 90’s era of fashion, these looks are here to stay for the rest of 2021. 

2. Cottage Core

Another top fashion trend in 2021 is cottage core. This look is light, airy, and perfect for those warm outdoor activities. 

The cottage core style often features many flowing dresses, loose-fitting pants and tops, and subtle patterns. Many cottage core pieces will have a neutral-colored flower pattern or ruffle details. This look is best worn for daytime occasions like picnics, trips to the park, or walks along the water.

The light material will keep you cool during the hot summer months and also keep you on-trend. If you’re heading to the beach in a cottage core style dress, consider pairing it with your favorite summer sandal. This article from flojos.com can help you find the perfect summer sandal for all your beachy outfits. 

3. Bohemian

Bohemian-style outfits are also perfect for the warmer spring and summer months. Inspired by an exotic, hippie look, bohemian outfits are versatile, comfortable, and unique. 

Bohemian clothing features many neutral colors, vibrant patterns, and lightweight flowy materials. Many enjoy wearing floor-length, floral dresses in colors like burnt orange, creme, brown, or light blue. If dresses aren’t for you, there are also many options for wide-leg pants and skirts. 

The key to creating the perfect Bohemian outfit is to embrace retro prints, earth-tones, and flowing silhouettes. You may also consider accessorizing with beaded jewelry, feather hairpieces, and fringe. 

Experiment with Different Types of Fashion Styles

Now that you know three of the top types of fashion styles today, what are you waiting for? Level up your look and boost your confidence by experimenting with these chic style trends.  Did you enjoy this article? For more on all things fashion, apparel, beauty, and more, be sure to browse the rest of our website.