3 Things To Know About Concealed Carry

Due to the ever-changing state of the world, it might be tempting to purchase a concealed carry weapon for personal safety reasons. Before heading out to your local gun shop, though, you’ll want to understand concealed carry laws and restrictions in your home state. Here are three facts about the practice of concealing a weapon for personal protection in the United States:

  1. Concealed Carry Used To Be Outlawed

You’ll want to conceal your weapon nowadays to avoid suspicion, but in the 1800s, it was thought that people who concealed weapons were criminals. It was normal back then to walk around with openly displayed weapons, so it would have been pretty logical to assume that someone hiding a weapon had a sinister motivation for doing so. These days, understandably, it’s the opposite: it’s usually frowned upon, unless you’re law enforcement or military, to carry a firearm in public.

  1. Gear and Clothing for Carrying are Sometimes Regulated

If you live in Kentucky, you can carry a gun in your purse. In bigger cities and certain states, like Mississippi, you might have restrictions on what type of bag, pocket, or specialized concealed carry clothing you keep your firearm in. The best clothes for concealed carry should be comfortable but not too loose-fitting, as your firearm might get lost in a loose pocket.

  1. State Reciprocity Isn’t Always Recognized

In the present-day United States, concealed carry permits are recognized everywhere, but some states have more restrictions than others. For example, Arizona allows states to recognize permits from out-of-state areas, but this is unusual.

If concealed carry sounds like a good option for you, familiarize yourself with your state’s laws and regulations for both firearm use and concealed carry permits. Also – though this should be obvious – spend some time practicing with your new firearm at a safe shooting range before you carry it around!


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