12 Easy and Fabulous Outfit Ideas for Mardi Gras

Are you ready to party? The pandemic is almost over and New Orlean’s legendary Mardi Gras is set for a big comeback! Are you ready for it?


This post is perfect for you if you’re already researching your best possible outfit for next year’s Mardi Gras! We’d enlist 12 possible suggestions that will get you up and running on a fun and exciting Mardi Gras preparation! Ready on and get ready to party!

Outfit Idea #1: Bye, bye straps!

Now is the time to start saying goodbye to the pandemic and straps! Yes! Now is the best time to go strapless! Strapless looks are ultra sexy and refreshing because they will allow you to fully feel feminine and free. With no straps to get in your way, you can easily slay!

Outfit Idea #2: Be divine in all white!

Going all white on Mardi Gras is such a delicious look. It would make you stand out, shine, and feel like an absolute star while partying. This will be the case because white is not a popular Mardi Gras color. Wearing one would easily attract everyone’s attention and send a message that you’re the girl to watch out for. Because truly honey, it takes a lot of guts and spunk to party in all-white!

Outfit Idea #3: Pack a punch with an orange look!

Orange looks fantastic when mixed with Mardi Gras colors. It’s not yellow so you won’t feel too one with everything but it would perfectly stand out when beside purple and green! An orange outfit will easily bring zest and excitement to any party that you will attend!

Outfit Idea #4: Go crazy with laces!

Be fully feminine and soft with a laced outfit! You’d love how it would send a message that you’re an empress queen who knows her worth and simply loves to party! A laced outfit will create such a statement because it’s not a regular party look. It would easily catch everyone’s attention and actually allow you to subtly flaunt your beautiful curves.

Outfit Idea #5: Purple, of course.

It’s not Mardi Gras if there’s no color purple! Purple is not something that is worn often — Mardi Gras or no Mardi Gras – so you would surely get everyone’s attention if you’d arrive wearing a fabulous purple outfit. Is it very Mardi Gras? Yes. But will it look fun, fabulous, and make you shine? Absolutely! You can have more fun with the outfit if you’d add textures and accessorize like crazy!


Outfit Idea #6: Look steamy in red.

If you want to look hot, then a red outfit is simply the option for you. A red outfit is perfect for all-night partying and socializing! Red is perfect because it has so much energy and passion! It’s so fun as well because red is already a powerful color in itself, you won’t even need to wear an all-red outfit. A red perfect-fitting pair of pants partnered with a black bandana crop top is more than enough to make you the queen of the night!

Outfit Idea #7: Why not a slit?

You can also go crazy and sexy with a slitted outfit. Nothing says, “I’m ready to party all night!” than a slitted outfit that can allow you to dance your heart away! The good thing with it is its subtle design that exudes irresistible sexiness!

Outfit Idea #8: Hello, front zipper!

You will drive people loco if you’d arrive at Mardi Gras wearing an outfit with front zippers. This outfit screams fun, game, adventure, and wild parties! Girls with dresses with front zippers simply get the job done. They know what they need to do and they get on with it like their life depends on it. That’s the energy that a front-zipped dress has and that’s the energy that everyone should bring to Mardi Gras parties!

Outfit Idea #9: Bandage dress with a twist!

Nothing can easily allow you to ooze with charisma and sexiness than a body-hugging bandage dress. To give it a punch though, you might want to try one that comes in different colors and shades. Pick one with smartly placed colors that will highlight your beautiful curves all the more!

Outfit Idea #10: Be gorgeous in gold!

Gold, of course, is always an option. Nothing screams of glamour, delight, opulence, and fun than gold!  You will surely catch everyone’s attention if you’d wear a beautiful gold outfit that highlights all your beautiful assets! You’d love how people won’t be able to get enough of you as you’d always seamlessly glisten all night long!

Outfit Idea #11: Hello, sequins!

If you want to up the notch, then there’s no better way to do it than with sequins! A sequined dress will make you look like a walking and dancing starlight! And who doesn’t want to look like that during Mardi Gras?! To give you an idea of how fun sequined dresses can be, you can check out the thousands of choices at Charismatico Dancewear! They offer a wide selection of sequined dresses! From evening gowns to costumes for dancewear for competitions! Visiting their site will surely have you inspired.

Outfit Idea #12: Belted beauty!

We know that you’d be down to party all night and you’d want nothing but to be free but nothing will be sexier than a statement belt! An outfit with a statement belt will hug your body in all the right places. It will effortlessly let people see you as the sexy siren Queen that you are with the perfect hourglass shape!